Verduren uses a blend of pure, sustainable and natural materials: cork, vegetable oil, wood-flour, limestone and natural color pigments. It’s poured onto the subfloor on-site and creates a seamless, durable and hygienic floor. Verduren fulfills the FloorScore, and German AgBB requirements for safe Indoor Air qualification and is LEED and BREEAM certified. Verduren is VOC and PVC free with no plasticizers, no added formaldehyde, no chlorine, and has no heavy metals.


The choice of color and shape personalizes your environment. Verduren has created a beautiful palette of 54 colors to choose from, and is able to fulfill custom color requirements. The nature of on-site, pouring application allows it to be applied in virtually any shape and design desired.


Verduren flooring provides a seamless resilient floor covering, free of joints and weldings. A resilient base can also be seamlessly integrated into the floor. Combined with water tightness and excellent resistance against a wide range of chemicals, Verduren is the perfect flooring solution for healthcare, education, and other commercial applications. Custom slip-resistant properties can be achieved with optional additives.


Verduren flooring has minimal maintenance costs due to its superb properties of wear & tear and chemical resistance. Its unique self-healing properties allow small scratches to virtually disappear, though long and intensive use can cause usage and abuse markings that can’t be completely avoided. Scratches will not affect water tightness, hygienic properties, or the cleanability of the floor. Verduren’s on-site pouring application allows for the repair of damages to be done quickly and easily, making repair spots nearly imperceptible. After many years of intensive use, or if a design change is required, Verduren flooring can be resurfaced quickly and economically with no need for removal.