Is Verduren like an epoxy?

It is pourable like an epoxy, but it is not an epoxy. Epoxy floors are a hard surface floor. Verduren is a resilient floor, that feels great underfoot even when standing over long periods of time. Verduren is also completely environmentally friendly and red-list free, unlike Epoxy floors.

We warranty this floor for 10 years, but with proper cleaning and maintenance, this floor should last 20-30 years, or even longer.

This varies on where the project is, but we inventory Verduren on the West Coast as well as in the Midwest, so typically it’s just a matter of a couple of days.

This varies on how much square footage is needed. Verduren is a Two-Step installation after floor prep is completed, and 10,000 square feet (sometimes more) can be poured in 1 day, and be 100% UV cured the following day.

Cost varies according to the amount of square footage. Please ask your Verduren representative for our pricing breakout.

Very easy. Repair kits are available, and the damaged area can be cut out in a circle, and the repair kit solution poured directly into the affected area.

Cleaning and maintenance requirements are no different than any surface’s regular cleaning schedule. Verduren surfaces can be dry mopped, wet mopped, vacuumed, machine-disc cleaned, and can be cleaned and/or disinfected with most cleaning formulas or solutions.

Yes, Verduren can be poured over any hard surface type of floor, assuming the floor is prepared and primed properly. A huge advantage to Verduren is the ability to be installed over the top of many existing floors.

It can’t be poured onto a sloped area, but it can be poured onto an underlayment substrate and installed in sloped areas.

Verduren would be perfectly fine in these types of areas, but ideal spaces are areas where the hygienic and antibacterial/antimicrobial properties can fully be utilized, i.e.: healthcare, education, etc.

Yes, in conjunction with a leveling compound.

Damaged areas would be patched/skimmed over, and installation can occur over that area like normal.

Yes every floor needs to be profiled before any type of installation.

Yes, as long as the appropriate primer is used to insure a bond. (Precautionary measures should be taken regarding the chemicals use.).

Verduren’s durability and self-healing properties allow it to far outperform sheet linoleum and sheet vinyl products when it comes to high traffic areas, heavy use environments, and stress. As a seamless, resilient surface, Verduren won’t dent, tear up, bubble up or otherwise come apart. Videos and additional documentation can be provided upon request.

Like sheet material, Verduren should not be poured on an uneven floor. While Verduren will not fail, based upon the fact that the optimal pour thickness is 2mm-2.5mm it will telegraph what is underneath it. Verduren will fill in small holes but will not perfect a bad subfloor. Essentially the subfloor prep is the same as it would be for most other flooring options.

Subfloor must not exceed 75% RH.

Verduren does not expand or contract with changes in relative humidity or temperature. As such it can be poured directly up to cabinets, baseboard or other floor coverings.

Use the Verduren cove base, a non PVC cove base developed for seamless integration with Verduren.

Color match with start and stops is best demonstrated during a installation demo. As long as installation instructions are adhered to, color matching is seamless.

Yes, Documentation can be provided upon request.